Hildebrand Consulting provides our clients with insights from  almost 20 years of experience to help them achieve their business goals.



Financial Services

The fiscal challenges that face local governments and public utilities are distinctive from the fiscal challenges of the private sector. Public utilities own a natural monopoly to provide critical services which means that utilities have no competition but also have no option to fail. Communities cannot exist without water, wastewater, and trash services. Maintaining best-in-class service levels requires a funding plan that supports both immediate needs and long-term planning. Hildebrand Consulting works closely with our clients to develop financial plans and rates that are fair, fiscally responsible, and a reflection of the ratepayer's values.

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Capital Project Delivery

Hildebrand Consulting's Capital Project Delivery services provide program management and owner representative services for water and wastewater clients. Our expertise includes alternative project delivery such as design/build, business case alternatives analysis, and process changes.

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Strategic Business Planning

Utilities and local governments face business challenges that are distinctive to the public sector. Service level demands, stakeholder transparency and regulatory pressures are unique and constantly evolving. From significant strategic or governance initiatives to continuous and incremental improvements, Hildebrand Consulting can help your business determine the most strategic and feasible areas for amelioration.

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Organizational Optimization

Our change management services will help you prepare and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes. Change management is a structured approach for ushering your organization and its individuals to move from a current state to a desired state.

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